Measuring a room for a new flooring can be fun, however it can be stressful too. We hope we can help you get the right measurements before ordering.

1.If you’ve got a room with lots of different corners and areas, we sympathise. This is going to be a bit more of a faff, but it’s not impossible at all! You just need to break the room up into smaller rectangles and squares, work out all the individual areas and add them all together
2. Rectangular or square rooms are the easy ones to measure. All you need to do is measure the length of the room, then the width, and multiply them together!
3 If you have an L Shaped room This is a little trickier, but should still be no problem to calculate. All you need to do is split the room into two rectangular sections. Find the area of each of the rectangles, then add them together to get the full area.
4. Once you have your measurements, it’s usually a good idea to add an extra 5% to the area. This means that you’ll have spare flooring just in case any wastage occurs while it’s being installed. All you need to do is multiply the total area by 1.05.

If you are still struggling you can drop us an email or even send a photo of your room to us and we will do our best to help

Good luck